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How many days out should I request a Boat Rental ?

We are a highly referred boat rental company with 10-20 Online Request Daily from May - Sept. We would appreciate at least 48 hours before the date of rental so we can properly adjust our inventory as needed . We must say there are times of last minute date adjustments from prior reservations that can really go in your favor. We do require a $100 Booking Deposit Non Refundable but can be Rescheduled. It will be applied to your total rental cost once date is met.  3/4 of our watercraft is booked out Months in Advance on average. We do request you give us a Second date in mind just in case.

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What Experience do I need to rent and operate a boat ?

We do suggest not to tow or operate a watercraft with out prior experience. We do offer services to Charter you around the lake for a day of fun. Please do reach out to us if your not comfortable. We would like to still get you out on the lake but want everyone to be safe. <Charter Service> <---Click Here--> 

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Are LIFE VEST Supplied to us upon receiving watercraft ?

We are required by law to supply life vest to everyone under the age of 14. PLEASE disclose this very important information upon reservation and or receiving the watercraft. You will be held liable by law operating the boat to know where the PF safety equipment is and location on the boat in case of emergency situations or rough water conditions.

What size trailer ball is required to self tow ?

2" Tow Ball on Receiver (NOT BUMPER BALL) We require you have at least a 1/2 ton pick up or larger to tow our boats.

Flat 4 Wire Harness ( We are not responsible for delays if your wire harness coming from the pickup does not have power output) 

Please have towing experience and know how to change a tire just in case road debris deflates the tires. 

Are the accessories extra cost ?

Accessory Rental Prices

Ski's - $25.00

WakeBoards - $35.00

2 Person Tubes - $25.00

3 Person Tubes - $45.00 

Knee Board - $30.00 

Who pays the ticket if one is given at the lake ?

We are not liable for tickets given by law enforcement at ANY lake. The operator of the watercraft needs to be concerned about the safety of all occupants in their boat and others on the lake. You must keep everyone seated when in motion, You must not make wake in NO wake zones, Stay out of highly marked dangerous areas, appropriate age must be using the FLAG to warn other watercraft of riders in the water. DO NOT bend the rules on the lake they are very costly mistakes and we are not held responsible for the additional charges  for late returns, Impound or damages to our watercraft caused by Negligent Behavior.